Gear Up Your Mettle Prior to the D Day Oct 12th, 2017   [viewed 42 times]

An old adage says, “You can take the horse to the river, but cannot make it drink”. Indeed so. The expression finds immense relevance in academics. On enumerating, the meaning that reflects is, in spite of enrolling in a good school, a trusted coaching academy or getting mentored by a scholar coach, ultimately everything boils down to personal effort.

So, for obvious reasons the importance of 11 Plus Mock Practices in the GCSE ecamination cannot be ruled out. The syllabus is vast, intricate and analytical. It not only requires patience and perseverance to master the art of chalking out a meticulous time table, but also a well demarcated time kept aside for self assessment.

In order to gauge personal progress, relative references is not the only way if the student is brave enough to face up to his own weaknesses and develop an urge to improvise on them.

Be it subscribing to 11 Plus Mock Practices in a portal or the ones provided by your coaching academy, anything serves as the perfect tool for self assessment provided you follow the guidelines of time and options. Most of it is absolutely a simulation of the actual exam papers.

Take the practices without the added pressure of being accountable for losing marks or any embarrassment in front of peers. In fact, this might be a boon considering the ample time you have in hand to put yourself through these tests to save the last minute anxiety. To be precise this proxy battle can actually instill a greater confidence in you to face the bigger odds that your examination hurls at you, because deep down you know you are prepared!